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One of the coolest web 2.0 applications for me is WIKIS. I want to bring something good, practical and easy to use, not only for you, teachers, but also for your students.

These two sessions dealing with the use of wikis (Wikispaces) are aimed at teachers involved in Bilingual Sections, English teachers and teachers who want to improve their English. They will be carried out as follow in CPR Zafra from 16:30 to 19:30: February: 22nd (Monday) / 23rd (Tuesday).

The following wikis are good examples of Bilingual and Comenius projects:

  • Contents

  • Introduction: Web 2.0

  • Wikis at Wikispaces.

  • Registering and creating your first wiki.

  • Editing Pages. The Editing Toolbar.

  • The Navigation Menu

  • Inserting Hyperlinks.

  • Inserting Images and Documents.

  • The Embed Widget Icon.

  • Adding a Table of Contents.

  • Wiki Mail.

  • Managing your Wiki.

  • Discussion Board.

  • Examples of Educational Wikis.

  • "Docentes en Extremadura" Wikispaces. Collaborative Projects.

  • Resources.

  • Resources

  • Resources for Bilingual Classes

  • Educational Wikis Examples

Click here to see examples of educational wikis.

external image pdf.png 7 things you should know about wikis.english.pdf

In case you are a little bit lost with the English language, have a look at the following tutorial in Spanish:
external image pdf.png Manual Wikispaces.pdf