An application Web 2.0 for Bilingual Classrooms. Wikispaces


One of the coolest web 2.0 applications for me is WIKIS. I want to bring something good, practical and easy to use, not only for you, teachers, but also for your students. Click here to see a good example of a bilingual project using wikis.

These two sessions dealing with the use of wikis (Wikispaces) are aimed at teachers involved in a Bilingual Section at IES "Universidad Laboral" (Cáceres) and will be carried out as follow in CPR Cáceres from 17:00 to 20:00 (February: 2nd and 9th).

  • Contents

  • Introduction: Web 2.0

  • Wikis at Wikispaces.

  • Registering and creating your first wiki.

  • Editing Pages. The Editing Toolbar.

  • The Navigation Menu

  • Inserting Hyperlinks.

  • Inserting Images and Documents.

  • The Embed Widget Icon.

  • Adding a Table of Contents.

  • Wiki Mail.

  • Managing your Wiki.

  • Discussion Board.

  • Examples of Educational Wikis.

  • "Docentes en Extremadura" Wikispaces. Collabortive Projects.

  • Resources.

  • Resources

  • Resources for Bilingual Classes

  • Educational Wikis Examples

Click here to see examples of educational wikis.

external image pdf.png 7 things you should know about wikis.english.pdf

In case you are a little bit lost with the English language, have a look at the following tutorial in Spanish:
external image pdf.png Manual Wikispaces.pdf